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Fiola Story

Traditions are magical. They have the power to comfort us, give us a sense of belonging, and make life-long memories – the kind of memories that inspired mother-and-daughter duo Susan and Dana Kirschling to establish Fiola Jewelry in 2016.


When Susan was just six months old, her grandmother gifted her a pair of exquisitely crafted earrings in 14k gold as was the European custom.


Little did she know that this beautiful gift would become a lasting legacy, setting in motion a family tradition that has spanned five generations and promises to span many more to come.


Susan loved those earrings, as much for their dazzling beauty as for the meaningful sentiment behind them. In fact, she cherished them so much that at the age of 16 she purchased a similar pair in Germany and set them aside in the hopes of one day having a daughter to whom she could gift them.


Eventually, that day came. When her daughter Dana was six months old, Susan placed the precious, sparkly earrings in her little girl’s ears and years later shared the touching story behind them.


When Dana had a daughter of her own, named Fiona, she was determined to keep the tradition alive. And so, she searched for earrings as perfectly crafted as those she and her mother had worn as children, but to no avail.


Unable to find earrings made specifically like theirs, that were not only beautiful, but also safe and comfortable, the mother and daughter team decided to take action.


Earrings for little girls and babies

And so, Fiola was born!  Named after their own little muse Fiona, the “la” was mixed into the name representing everything that’s fun in life.


Combining their unique talents, Dana and Susan set out to bridge a gap in the marketplace so that Fiona and other girls could be gifted precious keepsake earrings of their own.


Their criteria was simple.


  Fiola earrings had to be exquisitely designed, comfortable to wear and secure.


  The earrings would also be made with the highest quality materials using 14k solid gold.


  Every design would feature ethically mined, brilliant diamonds.


      For the countless mothers, fathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and other family and friends seeking that perfect enchanting gift for the special girl in their life, Fiola Jewelry presents earrings for girls of all ages.


      Today, Fiola Jewelry offers an original collection of earrings in styles and designs to suit every personality, celebrating girls as they truly are; unique and fabulous!



      Love Susan, Dana and Fiona