Stud Earring Backing

Stud Earring Backing

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Daisy Charms

  A LITTLE STORY Lovely and poised, elegant and cheerful, fun-loving and playful. Your little mistress has put a spell on your heart and whatever she touches is coming up... Learn More


Precious Heart

A LITTLE STORY The one thing you want to protect: her tender heart. Encase it in yours, encircle it with love, and gift her your loving protection forever. Because her... Learn More


Little Miss Sass

  A LITTLE STORY She makes her own rules, she runs around in a cape, she insists on a skirt for playing in the dirt. She’s feisty and unique. Her... Learn More


Circle of Love

  A LITTLE STORY She may have you running in circles trying to please her every wish, but there’s nothing you love doing more. Show her she’s the diamond in... Learn More


Cuddle Bear

  A LITTLE STORY She’s found your soft spot, your warm spot, and your love spot. You can never get enough of her hugs, and this Cuddle Bear will remind... Learn More


Signature Girl Yellow Stud

  A LITTLE STORY She may be small but her personality’s already big, filling up the room with her sass and smile. There’s no one else in the world like... Learn More