Stars & Blossoms

Stars & Blossoms
Our Stars & Blossoms Collection is timeless. Just like beauty. Forever young at heart.

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Blooming Beauty

  A LITTLE STORY You love to watch her play, to see her smile, to follow her as she explores the world. She springs up everywhere like a wildflower beautifying the... Learn More


Luminous Blossom

  A LITTLE STORY Stars be speckle her radiant eyes and flowers pour out her joyous smile. Every time she giggles—at the faces you make, at the kisses you give... Learn More


Daisy Charms

  A LITTLE STORY Lovely and poised, elegant and cheerful, fun-loving and playful. Your little mistress has put a spell on your heart and whatever she touches is coming up... Learn More


Forever Flourish

  A LITTLE STORY Like a flower in everlasting bloom, your love for her will flourish forever. This season of love knows no end—only a change in color, and loveliness,... Learn More


Star Bright

  A LITTLE STORY She already shows the signs of a true star! Full of personality that shines, a sparkle of passion in her eye, a warm light in her... Learn More


Sweet Dreams

  A LITTLE STORY When she grows up she’ll be a queen, she’ll be a pilot, she’ll be a dancer, she’ll be a vet. Whatever she will be, you want... Learn More