Rose 14K Gold

Rose 14K Gold

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Daisy Charms

  A LITTLE STORY Lovely and poised, elegant and cheerful, fun-loving and playful. Your little mistress has put a spell on your heart and whatever she touches is coming up... Learn More

$ 237.00 USD

Precious Heart

A LITTLE STORY The one thing you want to protect: her tender heart. Encase it in yours, encircle it with love, and gift her your loving protection forever. Because her... Learn More

$ 237.00 USD

Blooming Beauty

  A LITTLE STORY You love to watch her play, to see her smile, to follow her as she explores the world. She springs up everywhere like a wildflower beautifying the... Learn More

$ 345.00 USD

Lady Butterfly

  A LITTLE STORY She’s only small but already a lady. Tiny yet majestic, she’s like a butterfly that effortlessly flies from flower to flower collecting sweet nectar to make... Learn More

$ 365.00 USD

Bundle of Love

  A LITTLE STORY What better gift can you give your special little girl than a bundle full of love? A love that will accompany her forever, make her confident,... Learn More

$ 467.00 USD

Celebration Solitaire Diamond Rose Stud

  A LITTLE STORY The wise man Osho once said: “Life should not be lived, it should be celebrated.” And the life of your little queen deserves to be one... Learn More

$ 1,645.00 USD