Multi 14K Gold

Multi 14K Gold

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Circle of Love

  A LITTLE STORY She may have you running in circles trying to please her every wish, but there’s nothing you love doing more. Show her she’s the diamond in... Learn More

$ 290.00 USD

Forever Flourish

  A LITTLE STORY Like a flower in everlasting bloom, your love for her will flourish forever. This season of love knows no end—only a change in color, and loveliness,... Learn More

$ 297.00 USD

Infinite Love

  A LITTLE STORY   A full heart. Feels like an infinite well of love you have for her. Express your endless love with these Infinite Love earrings that have no... Learn More

$ 305.00 USD

Fairy Angel

  A LITTLE STORY She came into your life like an angel, pure and full of love. And you’ve become her guardian fairy, watching over her every little step. Express... Learn More

$ 425.00 USD

Luminous Blossom

  A LITTLE STORY Stars be speckle her radiant eyes and flowers pour out her joyous smile. Every time she giggles—at the faces you make, at the kisses you give... Learn More

$ 435.00 USD