Fancy & Whimsy

Fancy & Whimsy
Fun and Fabulous. Sometimes unpredictable. But always with a good heart.

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Precious Darling

  A LITTLE STORY A special package all wrapped up. What better way to top off something so lovely as a beautiful bow that lights up her face when you... Learn More

$ 475.00 USD

Sweet Dreams

  A LITTLE STORY When she grows up she’ll be a queen, she’ll be a pilot, she’ll be a dancer, she’ll be a vet. Whatever she will be, you want... Learn More

$ 335.00 USD

Lady Butterfly

  A LITTLE STORY She’s only small but already a lady. Tiny yet majestic, she’s like a butterfly that effortlessly flies from flower to flower collecting sweet nectar to make... Learn More

$ 365.00 USD

Cuddle Bear

  A LITTLE STORY She’s found your soft spot, your warm spot, and your love spot. You can never get enough of her hugs, and this Cuddle Bear will remind... Learn More

$ 330.00 USD

Little Miss Sass

  A LITTLE STORY She makes her own rules, she runs around in a cape, she insists on a skirt for playing in the dirt. She’s feisty and unique. Her... Learn More

$ 320.00 USD


  A LITTLE STORY Happy chance ordained that she comes into your life—your little bundle of joy, the face of happiness itself, and love personified. This set of earrings will... Learn More

$ 327.00 USD

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