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Yellow Green Who Gives a Bean

Posted on October 15 2017

Yellow Green Who Gives a Bean

Caring about nature means caring about yourself. Because we are nature, a part of nature.


Yet, we sometimes seem to forget that.


Society puts great pressures on us to “become something.” To become beautiful (according to certain standards), to become good, to become desirable. And girls absorb this pressure and often express it through a strained relationship with what sustains us in life: food.


Eating disorders are a big challenge for young girls and for those of us raising girls. Teaching girls from a young age about nature and natural foods, about the origin of our food, and about the care and love required to grow food helps cultivate a healthy relationship with their food 


One of the best ways to establish the fundamentals of this important relationship in your girl’s life is through gardening and growing edible plants in your backyard, balcony, or even kitchen window sill.


The Lessons of Growing Your Food


Life & Nourishment:


When engaged in gardening activities, children begin to learn early on about the cycle of life and the importance of nourishment in growing strong and healthy. You can point out to your girl that just as plants need soil, water, and sunlight to grow, so do girls need the right nourishment to grow strong and healthy.




The awe and wonder on a child’s face when their little bean sprouts, when the seed they planted turns into a plant, when the plant they watered gives fruit! Gardening can teach your girl about the time, patience, and dedication that the rhythms of nature require and how to follow them naturally, without strain or anxiety.


Food & Consumption:


Planting and growing edible plants help children understand the sources of the food they eat and guide them in healthy eating habits from an early age. How is the modern child to know that not all food comes from a carton box filling the grocery shelves and that there’s a significant difference between natural and processed foods?


There’s no better way for your girl to understand all that than by picking the tomato she planted and grew herself right out the pot and putting it on the table.


What Will You Grow?


Growing plants helps grow healthy children. It’s important for all young children, but especially for girls, to build a good relationship with food from a young age.


Do you grow any edible plants in your yard or home? How do you teach your girl about the importance of nutrition and where our food comes from?


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