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Rock, Roll, & Shimmy for Confidence Building

Posted on September 25 2017

Rock, Roll, & Shimmy for Confidence Building

She loves, climbing, running, jumping, skipping, dancing, twirling, running after a ball, swimming. Maybe just one of these. Maybe all of the above. Maybe she’s too young to have tried any of that yet.


Whatever inclination towards physical activity your little girl has shown or will show in time, one thing’s for certain: nurturing and encouraging that inclination is one of the biggest gifts you can give her.


Keeping physically active not only helps girls build good health but also helps them become confident through a variety of other benefits.


1. Psychological Benefits: Exercise and physical activity has been shown to instill confidence and raise self-esteem in children. Going out there “on her own”—in the field, on the dance floor, in the pool, on the trampoline—teaches her independence and self-reliance.


2. Emotional Benefits: Taking part in sports and other physical activities will teach your little girl how to control her emotions. Every physical activity comes with its set of victories and disappointments and learning how to take both of these in stride (exhibiting neither meanness as the winner, nor self-defeat as the loser) will help your little girl grow into a confident and balanced young woman.


3. Mental Benefits: All forms of exercise and physical activity increase blood circulation in all parts of the body, including the brain. Oxygenation of the brain helps children stay focused and alert for longer. What’s more, counting the number of rounds played and keeping score will help your little girl sharpen her mind while having fun.


4. Camaraderie Benefits: Being active seldom means going it alone. Doing an activity with Mom, siblings, friends or newfound friends will lift your little girl’s spirit as she becomes part of something else. You feel closer to people who are doing what you are doing. It is something like your little girl having an extension of herself. It’s fun and it’s relationship building too.


5. Physical Benefits: Naturally, any sort of rock, roll, or shimmy will have many physical benefits on your girl’s development. Staying active will help her build stronger bones and muscles so she can grow strong. It will also strengthen her lungs and heart, improve her flexibility and prevent injuries. Little things like catching the ball, moving hands and legs together, or running after a Frisbee will help sharpen her reflexes and improve her coordination.


So don’t just spend time with your girl sitting on a couch! Go out for a walk with her (even if she’s in the stroller), play some games, or just put on some music and rock, roll, and shimmy in your socks!


Whatever you choose to do, you’ll not only have fun, you’ll also be helping her grow strong, healthy, and confident.


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