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Should I Pierce My Baby's Ears?

Posted on May 12 2018

baby ear piercing at 6 months

Baby ear piercing is a worldwide practice and tradition. We love beautiful things and jewelry is something that humans have adorned themselves with for centuries. However, many parents have concerns about ear piercing whether it be about the procedure, health and safety concerns or merely the earrings themselves.


As a Mom, I understand. It is my family tradition and I wanted my little girl to have beautiful earrings as I did.  I knew I wanted to have my little girl’s ears pierced but I was not fully on board just yet. Therefore, as all moms do, I entrenched myself in research to ensure I was making the right choice for my baby.


What I discovered is that today there are reputable places who have great new ear piercing techniques. The process is quick, safe and they provide an aftercare program to help ensure a successful ear piercing.


piercing babies ears at 6 months




I looked into the reputation of the place where they do the piercing, I wanted to understand their process and wanted to ensure they knew how to avoid possible problems of infection or reactions. Searching on the internet to look up reviews and certifications is a good place to start. If they have photos of the establishment even better.


Then there is the quality of the sleeper earrings. These are the pair of earrings used for the piercing that will stay in for 4-6 weeks. Things can go array right from the beginning if these are not of good quality. Speak with the establishment and ask them questions about the brands and products they use. You can always do a little extra research on the products.


Finally the aftercare. Knowing how to clean and take care of the newly pierced ear will help prevent the ear from getting infected -  important steps for a successful ear piercing.


Here is the list I prepared to ensure that ear piercing was the right decision for my little girl.


1. The Place and Process


  Ear piercing technique is safe & gentle – quick, smooth and quiet motion.

   Good hygiene – gloves should be worn and ears should be sterilized. There should be no hand contact with the sleeper earrings.

   Equipment should be safe “touch free” and meet all safety regulations including sterilization.

   The technician should be trained on the equipment and have experience with children’s piercings. You can ask to see a certification.

   The piercing should be in the right spot to prevent mismatched holes or redoing the piercing. Take time to look at the pre-marked location of the holes. Are they even? Are they centered? Don’t be afraid to make changes.


    2. Sleeper Earring Quality


       Material: 14k gold is considered hypoallergenic. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends inserting a gold-post earring "at the time of piercing" to minimize infection risks. Gold plated and other poor quality materials (such as nickel) used as base metals can cause an allergic reaction.

       Post: the length should be shorter to be most comfortable for a child. The post tip should have an ultra-fine point that pierce gently and promote fast healing. The post also needs to be strong as not to bend and have to be replaced.

       Backing: should be secure enough not to fall out (you would not want to agitate the piercing fishing through another earring) yet loose enough for air flow.

       Design: the earrings needs to be scaled to little ears so they do not interfere with sleep or get in the way when taking clothes on and off.


      3. Aftercare


         There should be clear instructions on how to take care of the new piercing including what products to use, frequency of cleaning and length of time.

         All products should be safe, natural and healthy to use on sensitive skin.

         Included should be what to expect the piercing to look like and if there is anything unusual, what you should do about it.

         Earrings should stay in her ear typically 4-6 weeks or until totally healed before removing them.

         When the sleeper earrings are ready to come out, gently rotate the earring in the ear to ensure the earring moves freely before taking the earring out. Then you can replace them with her 1st real pair of earrings.

         Continue the care process. You can check out our “3 Steps On How To Take Care Of Your Little Girl’s Earrings”.


        When I found a place that met all my criteria, I had my little girl’s ears pierced at 6 months old. Because of the technician’s experience and my mommy research, my baby was comfortable, content and happy.  I made the right decision.


        After 4-6 weeks of her wearing the sleeper pair, my next step was to consider the earrings available on the market and what options I had for her 1st earrings. I looked for quality, beauty, style and if the backing was safe and secure. See our 5 Tips To Buying Your Little Girl Earrings.


        Today, my little girl wears Fiola earrings all day everyday. She loves the sparkles and I am proud that they make her happy too.


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