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Water the Flower of Kindness!

Posted on November 10 2017

Water the Flower of Kindness!

We’ve all done it: watched our children run straight for the mud in the playground and called them back out of there! Because who wants to deal with muddy clothes, especially when you’ve got to get ready to go visit Grandma.


Children, however, seem to have an inborn curiosity about nature and the natural world and not worry about muddy clothes. As adults we can recognize, encourage and promote outlets for discovery.


One great outlet is home gardening that allows you to grow beautiful flowers with your child!


All you need is a couple of pots and some seeds or young plants from the florist and you’re good to go!


Or, take a trip to the park or a local conservation.


3 Benefits of Watering the Flowers for Children


Learning About the Cycles of Nature:

Planting a flower and waiting for it to grow, or caring for a plant until it flowers at its due time teaches children about the natural rhythms and cycles of nature. It lets them understand that life works in phases and seasons.


Caring and Responsibility:


Remembering to water the plant, helping it get enough light and shade, and making sure someone looks after it when you’re gone on a family trip teaches children the basic concepts of caring and responsibility in a fun and constructive way.




It may sound strange but growing flowers can be a great lesson in self-love for your girl. As you water and soil and prune for your plant, talk to your girl about how that love and care helps the plant grow strong and healthy. Then link that care you’re giving to the plant with the care we should give our own bodies: Just as we need to take care of the plants with the right amounts of water and sun to grow healthy so does she need to take care of herself with the right nutrients and exercise to develop into a healthy young woman.


Water the Flower of Kindness


Learning to care for plants and flowers even through the simple action of watering a plant every day teaches children about responsibility and kindness towards others and towards nature.


Do you have any plants at home that you take care of with your girl? What activities do you use to teach your girl about taking care of nature and taking care herself?


Let’s exchange ideas with one another!


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