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Finding Your Voice

Posted on October 26 2017

Finding Your Voice

 Being there for your little girl not only helps her develop a voice, it has an added benefit, self-confidence.


"Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities and judgement."


Our relationship with our little girl is a unique opportunity to have a positive influence in helping her to find her voice and build her confidence,


5 Ways To Help Her Find Her Voice

1. Let Her Feel Heard 

Actively listen by giving her your full attention and look her straight in the eyes.

Nod as she speaks to encourage her to continue.


 2. Acknowledge what she is saying is important 

Repeat what she is saying.

Ask questions to help her clarify her thoughts.


 3. Validate her feelings 

Let her know that feelings are real and important. Tell her that it is OK to have emotions.

Help her to understand her feelings. In the future it will help her to assimilate the feelings to comprehend how she is feeling.


4. Allow her to feel safe 

Let her tell her story and speak when she looks to you to say something.

Encourage her to continue talking.

Tell her you are always there for her whenever she needs you.


 5. Share a story 

Sometimes telling a story helps her understand that you relate to what she is saying

Stories also help develop trust

No matter what age your little girl is, spending time listening to her will help her find her voice. Growing confidence is a strong foundation to empowering young women.


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