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I'll be Queen One Day (Thanks to You!)

Posted on October 01 2017

I'll be Queen One Day (Thanks to You!)

 The Queen. She wears her crown with grace, walks with poise, speaks with integrity. A queen is one who is generous towards others, who shows empathy and compassion, one who understands and helps.


The queen is not the mean giver of orders, nor the evil stepmother of fairy tales past, nor the rich yet stingy ruler who looks upon her subjects with pity. It’s not about superiority or glamour.


Raising a little girl with a regal mentality means raising a generous child. A child who loves, a child who leads, and a child who shows an active interest in the world.


That’s the true modern queen!


“I’ll be queen one day,” that’s what your little girl says looking in the mirror—confident, a toy crown adorning her wild hair. Encourage her on that path to Queendom by teaching her the art of generosity with these 3 essential tips fit for girls of any age:


  1. Demonstrate Your Own Generosity.


Children learn by watching and copying the adults around them. When you display a spirit of generosity, your girl will start mimicking positive behaviors understanding that that’s the way she should behave in the world. From donating to charities to letting the elderly man go before you at the grocery store line to helping out a street performer, when you act generously towards others so will your girl. 


  1. Praise Her Generosity.


From sharing her cookie with a friend or a sibling to letting another child at the park play with her favorite toy, opportunities to show her generosity can appear at any moment in the day. Make it a point to praise the instances when your girl is generous towards others.


And make sure your praise contains an explanation of her generosity so she can link the two together. Say something like “wow, it’s so nice of you to share your cookie/toy. I love how generous you are!” will encourage more generous behaviors in your girl as she grows up.


At the same time, praising appropriate generous behavior can also help avoid a trap many girls and young women fall into: giving too much of themselves in search for praise.


When she’s disadvantaging herself, you can gently point that out: “You shouldn’t give every cookie away to your friends. Sharing is already generous enough and you should also enjoy your cookies.”


  1. Create Opportunities for Generous Giving Together.


Make a meal for Ms. Johnson down the street who’s unwell. Go down to the animal shelter and offer to walk the dogs of all ages. Select old toys your  little girl doesn’t play with anymore and take them to a charity together. Find ways to create opportunities were you and your little girl can be generous towards others. Talk about it, discuss it, explain why you’re doing it so your little one can begin verbalizing the positive effects of generosity on herself and on others.


The truly beloved queen is the one who knows how to give. And your little girl will be queen one day, ruling her own life confidently and masterfully. And you can help her become the generous queen she deserves to be starting today.


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