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How to Raise a Self-Motivated Little Girl

Posted on March 19 2018

How to Raise a Self-Motivated Little Girl

Children naturally want to do things their own way and on their own time. This is how they learn, grow and explore their environment. As a Mom there are things you can do to teach your little girl self-motivation while keeping her adventurous self in tact. Showing your little girl how to generate motivation from the inside is an incredibly useful skill to have throughout life.


Give Your Child Responsibility

A responsibility without a clear outcome is just another chore. When your little girl understands the end result of doing something, she learns to understand that her actions actually lead to benefits.


The stronger your child’s “WHY” (the reason for doing something), the more motivation your child has to do what needs to be done. Explaining that putting away all the pencil crayons together in the pencil case will help her see that the next playtime will be more fun since all the markers are in one place for her to draw her favorite rainbows..


Be an Example

Talk to your child about some of the things you do and why you do them. For example, explain to your child that you do the laundry once a week. That this way you don’t spend an entire weekend once a month doing laundry with no time to play with her or do anything else.


Show your little girl. The next time you do laundry, let her help you with your routine of gathering up the laundry, sorting, washing, folding and putting the clothes away. Once the laundry is done tell her how you feel and the benefit to everyone in the family. Then give her your attention by doing an activity with her now that you have the time to play.


Show Support, Be patient and Let Her Practice

Children are more motivated when they know what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and why. Ask your child to do a task and explain what that entails. Watch over to ensure she understands what to do. Let her make mistakes and encourage her to continue keeping the end in mind.


Once completed, ensure she sees the result of her work so she can feel the gratification that comes from a job well done. Let your child do the task the next time unsupervised so she can feel proud of herself.


Learning self motivation improves confidence, initiative and discipline. All great things in helping in a child's development.


Do you have a special task your child does routinely?


How have you encouraged your child to be self-motivated?


How have you found this to help your child?


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