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How to Make Your Flower Girl Feel Like a Princess

Posted on April 12 2018

How to Make Your Flower Girl Feel Like a Princess

At an early age without any encouragement, many little girls gravitate towards all things sparkly, love colourful soft hues and can’t get enough of beautiful fancy dresses. They love anything princess.


Why not make here feel like one? After all, she looks up to you as the most beautiful Princess of all.


It’s a wonderful feeling to make her feel honored as you have bestowed upon her the important task of being your Flower Girl. 


gift for your flower girl at your wedding


Making her feel like a princess on your wedding day enhances her experience and can create a beautiful vision of her own future wedding day. She will feel like her own little fairy tale came true.


So, let’s talk about ways that you can prepare ahead to make sure everything goes the way you see it unfolding in the flower girl department.


We’ve put together a checklist on the things you can do to make your flower girl feel like a Princess. (Download the checklist at the bottom of this page)


Involve her

Show her bridal magazines, invitation samples or let her go through your wedding binder.


Visit a flower shop and show her all the different types of flowers that will make up your bouquet, décor and perhaps her flower crown


Take an afternoon to bring her to the bakery that is making your cake and have a little treat for two.


Take her dress shopping so she can see all the different bridal gowns close up. They really are more gorgeous in person.


Have her attend any appropriate event leading up to the wedding such as bridal parties and family get-togethers.


All about your Flower Girl

Acknowledge her role and express how proud you are of her.


Let her know that it is a joyous, happy day and that smiling is a way to show happiness.


Flower Girl at your wedding

Remind her she is like Cinderella. Little girls know princesses are polite and well mannered.



At the rehearsal, ensure she understands what to do and is confident. Name all the people she will know at your wedding and ensure she is comfortable.



Go through the series of events. What will happen after the ceremony, who she will be traveling with and who will be looking after her during the reception.


Have a backup plan. If your little flower girl is really shy, consider have another flower girl for a partner


Gift her with something she will treasure always as a reminder of how she was treated like a princess on your wedding day.


The Big Day


Arrange for a bridesmaid to take her under their wing. They can help her get dressed and ensure she has everything she needs. Dress, shoes, flower basket, tiara, smile!


Give her your special gift early that day so she has time to be excited about receiving a flower girl present from you. It would be extra special if she can wear your gift down the aisle.


Have your flower girls’ hair done with the bridal party bridesmaids. She probably has never had her hair washed, styled and set so perfectly.


Make sure she has had plenty to eat and drink and that she has had a bathroom break just before the procession.


gift for your flower girl at your wedding 


She just might get a little scared. Have someone in the wings encouraging her or to help her out.


Include taking a picture of just the 2 of you on the photographers list. This is a great way to establish her importance and have this memory captured.


Introduce her to people she has never met so she understands that the people who are at your wedding are all there to celebrate this special day.


Dance with her. Little girls love to dance and your flower girl won’t be able to help herself from twirling.


When the wedding day has passed, continue to involve her. Let her help with opening your wedding gifts. Send her a postcard from your honeymoon. Show her the wedding pictures.


Laugh . . . laugh a lot! Good energy is contagious and this is your day to smile, enjoy and have fun.




Being a flower girl is an honor she’ll talk about with her friends for a long time to come. As she envisions her own wedding way off in the future, she will always remember how you made her feel like a princess at yours.


This little lady will add her own unique sparkle to the day as she enchants guests and helps create an extraordinary day that she, too, will cherish and remember always.




If we missed anything, we would love to hear from you. Just write your comment below. 


Have a story? Tell us how your your Flower Girl felt like a princess.


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