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Flower Power

Posted on October 01 2018

Flower Power

My mother always made going back to school in the fall a special time for me. Being the organized Mom she is, she always had a list of precisely how many pair of pants and shirts I needed to start the school year off.


We lived in a small town where there wasn’t much selection for kid’s clothes.  I will always remember one of our shopping trips to the big city to get everything on her list. One time at the department store I remember her saying “Okay Dana you get three pairs of pants. Are those the ones you choose?”


The pair I had in my hand were dark denim jeans with purple flowers and frayed at the bottom.  I knew that she would have picked another pair but being the amazing mother she is she responded “Okay that’s one down two more to go”. I love her for that.


The jeans are long gone but my memory remains. Now that I have daughter of my own, I remember how my Mom let me be me and make my own decisions. I keep this in mind when it comes to letting my daughter make her own choices.


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