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3 Steps on How To Take Care Of Your Little Girl’s Earrings

Posted on May 12 2018

cleaning gold and diamond earrings babies and little girls piercing

Keeping your little girls’ earrings clean is an important part of her hygiene. Because children’s earrings usually stay in their ear for long periods it is easy to forget they are there.


Earrings need to be cleaned regularly to help prevent infection and possibly bigger issues down the road.


Before cleaning the earrings, find an earring cleaner that is safe, natural and healthy to use on sensitive skin. Besides cleaning the gold, the cleanser should also be meant to clean any stones in the earring. You want to make sure the dirt is removed completely from the earring without damaging the gold or the stone.


cleaning gold and diamond earrings babies and little girls piercing



1. Before you remove her earrings gently rotate each earring while it is in her ear to ensure it moves freely. To gently remove, open the backing and slide out the earring. Once out, clean her ears with mild soap and water with a soft cloth.


2. Clean the earrings following the instructions on the cleanser. After removing the earrings from the cleaning solution, use a soft, clean makeup brush to remove any remaining dirt. Then rinse your earrings with warm water and dry them with a soft lint-free cloth. Keep in mind that most earring backings should not be submerged in liquid but rather wiped with a clean soft lint free cloth.


3. Wipe her ear and the earring post with hydrogen peroxide. Ensure her ears and all earring parts are dry. Reinsert the earring making sure you place the post cleanly in the piercing. Install the earring backing on the post in the right position to avoid over or under tightening. Move the earring in a circular direction to ensure it moves freely and comfortably.


cleaning gold and diamond jewelry earrings babies and little girls piercing



1. Keep jewelry away from exposure to chemicals such as chlorine bleach or abrasives (like household cleaners or toothpaste). Chemicals can damage gold and abrasives can scratch it.


2. We do not recommend the use of ultrasonic cleaners. Some cleaners may affect the gold or gem.


Taking these simple steps will help your little girl’s earrings not only stay clean, but also remain nice and shiny. To help with the cleaning process, we have a simple all-natural cleaning kit.


See our How To Love Your Diamond” natural cleaning solution designed to clean your gold and diamond jewelry and keep it sparkly.

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