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5 Tips For Buying Your Little Girl Earrings

Posted on May 12 2018

baby girl earrings and earrings for little girls

Once my little girl’s ears were pierced, I was on the hunt for original designed quality earrings. I wanted my little girl’s earrings to be beautiful, classic and even to be a special keepsake that my daughter would pass down to her little girl, as my Mother did for me.


My mother gave me a handcrafted pair of gold earrings when I was six moths old and they are what I cherish most today. This became a family tradition.


What to look for when your little girl is ready for her 1st pair of earrings.


While there are many children’s earrings available, finding quality earrings designed for little ears, that would be safe and comfortable turned out to be a challenge. I also didn’t want to lose my investment so the earrings had to be secure to not fall out.


Here are all the things I considered when looking for my little girl’s 1st pair of earrings.  


baby ear piercing and little baby girl earrings

1. The material had to be hypoallergenic. I did not want to not cause a reaction with her skin or risk an infection. This meant that 14k solid gold was my metal of choice as it contains little to no potentially irritating alloys. 18K gold is too soft and 10K gold does not have enough pure gold.  It also had to be solid gold, not gold plated or gold filled. Most importantly, it must be 100% nickel free.   


2. The post had to be shorter. It had to be strong enough to not bend and have a proper fine pointed tip to be easily inserted into the ear lobe. I could not have my baby wearing a long, thick post, as it would dig into her skin. I needed something made specifically for little ears. I encountered many earrings that had adult sized post with a plastic filler piece so that the earring would be tighter - definitely not recommended.


3. The earring backing had to be secure to stay on and yet small enough for her little ears. The backing also had to be easy to put on and take off as to not hurt or pull on her ear. This meant that the backing and post combination needed to work together to keep the backing in place on the post. I didn’t want her to lose an earring and me to lose my investment.


From my experience, earring backings with post threads can unwind, fall out very easily and the threading can wear out. Some push on backings (like butterfly backings) can be too tight and potentially hurt your little girl’s ears when you pull it off. On the other hand, it can be too loose and easily slip off, again resulting in a lost earring


4. I wanted for quality. We all know the saying “quality over quantity”. This rings especially true when it came to me wanting the best for my baby. Safety, beauty, durability and high quality material were all the things I was looking for and the “cheap ones” failed in every category. I wanted her earrings to be special and last throughout her lifetime.


5. I looked for overall design. I wanted something clean, classic and original. A simple unique design that she could wear everyday and fancy enough for special occasions. I also had a few question that needed answers- Was it designed with a smaller footprint? Did it have sharp edges? Was it too thick as to squish her ear while she slept?


baby ear piercing and little baby girl earrings

I did not realize I had so many criteria but I am glad I did. This was going to be my little girls first real pair of earrings and I wanted them to be beautiful. I wanted gorgeous earrings what would be a part of her keepsake things with lasting value. I knew that to meet all my criteria, her earrings would cost a little more but it was worth it.


Earrings for children are a wonderful way to celebrate your little one. Lovely earrings show off the jewel that she is with sparkle and delight. A gift she will always cherish.


Imagine one day when your baby says to her future child “These are my first set of earrings my Mother gave to me when I was a little girl”.  I had the experience of saying this to my daughter and that moment is something I will remember forever.


Once you find your little girl’s perfect pair of earrings see our tips on how to keep them clean and sparkly. HERE!


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