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Bake Her Some Love

Posted on September 18 2017

Bake Her Some Love

Baking together can hold space for a lot of love and tenderness to develop. More than just an “activity,” baking can in fact become a super-bonding agent in your and your  litle girl’s life (something like super glue, but much better tasting!)


Whether you enjoy baking often or only bake the occasional cake, you can build many loving memories and create many important moments by sharing baking moments with your daughter that engage all her skill and senses.


-        Smell


What smells better than a home-baked cake? In our book, the answer is nothing! Nothing lets love fly through the air of your home quite like the smell rising from the over with a freshly baked cake in it. Even if your girl is just a teensy little baby who can’t eat cake yet, she’ll love being in the kitchen while you bake, sharing in the smell of your love for your family.


-        Taste


One of the best things about cake, of course, is its taste. Spoonfuls and spoonfuls of love to go around for everyone! Even if your girl is just a toddler and can’t help you much with other parts of baking, ask her to be your official taster. Watching you as you make the cake, taking in the smells from the oven, and then having the first taste to make sure everything’s fine. What could be a better memory for a little child than tasting your cake?


-        Motor Skills & Coordination

Baking requires pouring, beating, stirring, and whipping. Cracking an egg takes some skill. Depending on your girl’s age and motor skills, you can let her help out at different stages of the cake making process, allowing her to experience the joy of creation. Not only will she be gaining in confidence by learning to make something delicious, you’ll also be teaching her about the patience and love that making things requires.


-        Memory & Creativity


If your little girl’s older, you may give her a bigger role in the baking process. She can measure out ingredients and help you remember what to do next. Add a dose of creativity by experimenting together with new flavors, colors, decorations, and finishing touches to the cake. Nothing is more satisfying or better for strengthening relationships than serving something delicious that the two of you made together!


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